My Work


Cross platform venture-backed audio streaming startup with millions of users. I am currently an engineering lead, managing numerous project and initiatives (many revolving around data, growth and infrastructure).


I was responsible for the entire technology stack of this fast growing DJ video streaming platform. This included the design, development, iteration and scaling of a platform used to broadcast over 800,000 hours of content with millions of comments.

Some of the larger projects I lead:

  • Development of a bespoke distributed RTMP streaming service
  • Adaptable video transcoding service
  • Public REST API
  • Viewer to DJ tipping system
  • Custom HTML5 video player

Dance Music Tracker

A project to track mentions of dance music artists in realtime via the Twitter streaming API, which allowed viewing history and trends, selecting spikes in popularity and digging into the interesting posts that preceded such spikes.

  • Handled over 5 million incoming tweets per day


A first of its kind repository that allows storage, visualization and management of W3C provenance documents via both a web interface and REST API.

I worked on the design and implementation of this platform, and others, as a summer intern to support the research of University of Oxford, University of Southampton and University of Nottingham.

Track Heat

Third year university project comparing the popularity of songs (in DJ sets) to their popularity amongst listeners (on YouTube) to derive a hotness score for both tracks and DJs themselves.